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Top-Notch Houston Air Duct Cleaning Services

Nov 14

Air ducts can provide warm or cool air, depending on the season. Air ducts are essential for maintaining a healthy indoor environment. Learn what kinds of things can accumulate in your air ducts, and what we can do to improve your Houston home's air quality.

Cleaning Your Air Ducts has Many Benefits

Indoor pollutants in your Air Ducts Most people know that dust, dirt, hair and hair can build up in your home's air pipes. In your home's air ducts, bacteria, viruses and pet dander can all build up. The HVAC blows these pollutants into your living areas every time it turns on. These pollutants settle on tables or other surfaces, or recirculate through air.

Reasons to Clean Your Home's Air Ducts

People are affected by different airborne pollutants in different ways. Airborne pollutants can cause you to sneeze a lot more, or you may have a persistent sore throat. This can be very annoying. If you have an allergy sufferer or someone with asthma, indoor pollutants could irritate your respiratory conditions. Your air ducts should be cleaned to avoid any flare-ups of severe or mild respiratory issues.

Cleansing your air ducts will prevent indoor pollutants from building up and causing harmful bacteria growth.

The efficiency of your HVAC system can be reduced if there is a buildup in your air ducts. It can make your HVAC system work harder by restricting the flow of warm and cool air through your ducts. This can lead to higher utility bills. However, if your HVAC system's air ducts are clean they will work efficiently.

The Clean Air Houston Pro Process

Clean Air Houston Pro will clean each section of your air ducts to ensure that they are cleaned effectively. The vacuum we use to clean the ducts is a high-powered HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) vacuum. We use both pole assembly rigs, and mechanical scrubbers to ensure we get every inch of your duct system. Our custom tools can be used to clean air conduits of any length and size. Our video camera allows us to see the entire length of an air-duct system. This helps us to verify our work.

Why should you choose our air duct cleaning service for your home?

Highly-skilled Technicians

We want your indoor air quality to be healthy and clean. No matter how long ago it has been since your last cleaning, our technicians have the best tools and equipment to clean your ducts. Additionally, our technicians have extensive experience in cleaning all types of air-duct systems. We always arrive on time, and we clean up our mess afterward. We respect both your property and your time.

Licensed and Insured

Our company is licensed to provide duct cleaning services. You can be assured of your safety as we begin the process of improving the air quality within your home.

Communication with Customers

We want you to be able to comprehend every aspect of the work we do so that you can feel comfortable having it done at your home. We will be happy to answer your questions and explain any ambiguities.

A Family-Owned Company

For 35 years, we have been cleaning air-ducts and providing similar services. We are known for doing high-quality work every time. We want every customer to have a positive experience with our business.

Clean Air Houston Pro is available to help you improve your home's air quality. Call us at (832) 737-8500 to learn more.