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Benefits of Asphalt

Jun 6

The Paving Crew is committed to ensuring that your driveway, parking area, or walkway stays beautiful and strong for an as long time as possible. We recommend that asphalt sealcoating is done every 2-3 years. Our experts work quickly and use only the best materials so you can enjoy the newly coated area as soon as possible. Here are some advantages of high-quality asphalt sealing.

Water Damage

The main reason to seal coat asphalt is to protect it against water damage. A classic freeze-thaw cycle during winter can pose a danger. Cracks in asphalt will allow water to seep into cracks. Once the temperature drops and it becomes cold, water in cracks can freeze and expand. During the day, the water will start to melt and then it will freeze again overnight. This process can repeat itself, making asphalt cracks more severe and eventually leading to costly repairs.

Our asphalt sealcoating will add extra protection to your paved area so it doesn't get wet, sleet, or snowy.


Asphalt's most important areas include driveways, parking lots, and roadways. These areas are vulnerable to spills, due to their high usage. Your asphalt's composition will not be affected by liquids, but chemical bases and other liquids can. These liquids include oil and grease, acetic, acetic, and others that can harm the asphalt. The Paving Crew LV suggests sealing your asphalt regularly to prevent any spillages from reaching your paved surface. Your area can be protected from liquids by sealing them.


Nothing compares to the beautiful look of freshly laid asphalt. Once the asphalt is laid, the area will appear richer and more attractive. The same aesthetic appeal can be achieved with asphalt sealcoating, without the need to install it. A deep, dark sealcoating could be the perfect solution to improving the look of your house or business.


Sealcoating your asphalt can extend the life span of your paved surface. The Paving Crew LV is a professional paving firm that can seal coat your asphalt. This will ensure that you are taking good care of your paved area. Sealcoating can lower long-term repair costs. It will also help you avoid having your driveway or parking lot resurfaced or replaced.


Contact our experts today to seal coat your commercial or residential driveway. We will set up an appointment so that we can get the job done quickly.


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