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What is Cabinet Refinishing?

Jul 4

What is Cabinet Refinishing?

After your kitchen cabinets have been installed, they must remain there for the rest of their lives. They may become worn-out, dated, or out-of-date over time. It is tempting to replace them at this point, but it can be too expensive.

Consider giving your cabinet a major makeover before disposing of it. Cabinet refinishing in Richmond VA costs less than replacing your cabinets with newer models. You may need to refinish your kitchen cabinets or paint them completely. This can be overwhelming if you don't have the right equipment and tools.

No matter if you are thinking about hiring a professional, or doing it yourself. Read on to find out what cabinet refinishing is all about and how you can make it a success. Richmond Ace Cabinet Refinishing offers a free estimate for those who are interested in hiring a professional to refinish their cabinets.


Cabinet refinishing involves sanding the cabinets and then repairing their surfaces. The cabinet doors must be cleaned before any new paint, stain, varnish, or coating is applied to the bare wooden. If the hardware has not been replaced, it may be cleaned.

Refinishing kitchen cabinets involves keeping the original components and changing only the color or finish.


The wait for your cabinet paint to fully cure will be one of the biggest inconveniences. While it may look dry at first, it takes several weeks or even months for the cabinets to fully cure.

Richmond Ace Cabinet Refinishing is quick and easy. The entire process of transforming your cabinets takes only two to three days. When we're done with the project, your kitchen should be fully dried and ready to go.


Richmond Ace Cabinet Refinishing will determine the cost for cabinet refinishing by how many doors and drawers you have, as well as the state of your cabinets and hardware. We offer a free estimate and a cost-effective price based on your needs. We will go through each step of the project to ensure you understand what to expect. We'll talk about the size of your house, the colors you will use and the level of detail you'll need.

Cabinet refinishing could be a cost-effective solution if you're considering a kitchen renovation. The process can be very difficult if you lack the necessary skills and patience. A professional can guarantee you the best results. We are Richmond VA's best cabinet refinishing company. Call us today for a free estimate.


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