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Cleaning Sponges: What are the Different Types?

Aug 3

There are many types of sponges available for housecleaning. Sometimes you might not realize there is a better one that you could be using to do your daily cleaning tasks. The sponge is a very useful tool for cleaning dishes, cleaning countertops and removing pet hairs from furniture.

It can be difficult to know which sponge is right for what mess. Each sponge has a unique purpose. To make your daily cleaning tasks more efficient, we highlight the best uses of a range of cleaning sponges.


Plastic sponges can be used to clean outdoor furniture, grills, and cookware with an abrasive material like plastic. To choose the right abrasive sponge, read the label carefully as there are many levels of toughness.


Cellulose sponges made from wood pulp are small and absorb liquid. The sponge can be easily cleaned by the small holes. These sponges are great for everyday spillages, including on countertops and bathroom surfaces. They can be difficult to rinse so don't use them to clean up raw eggs or meat juices. It is better to use a disposable paper towel rather than a cellulose sponge in these circumstances.

Abrasive & Cellulose Combo

There is a great deal of popularity among sponges that combine cellulose and abrasive foam. They can be used for general cleaning. Countertops, bathrooms, and dishes can be cleaned with these sponges. Various levels of abrasiveness may be available. For everyday use, you will want a non-scratch and low abrasive level.


A wire sponge is also known as steel wool. It's a bundle made of very fine, flexible, sharp-edged steel filaments or steel wool. Because it is softer than glass and porcelain, a metal sponge can be used to clean them. However, it will still scrape away any deposits without scratching the surface. The steel wool sponges can also be used to clean metal pots, pans and grills.


The Dobie is a timeless and popular sponge that can be used for cleaning everyday messes. This non-scratch cleaning sponge is great for cleaning copper and nonstick cookware.


The dry sponge is made from a rubber mix and can be dried. These sponges are ideal for cleaning surfaces that can't withstand moisture or water. These sponges are used to remove soot from fire-related surfaces, such as screens, bricks and curtains, fireplace mantels, screens and bricks, and are also great for cleaning pet hair off furniture and clothing. They are great for cleaning wallpapered walls or fabric window coverings. To remove dirt, soot, or animal hair from a sponge, simply cut its side. It will then be time to clean the new side.

Magic Eraser

Magic Erasers are known to be magic for dads and moms. The scrubber can be activated by water so once you have wetted it you can start cleaning. This scrubber is great for cleaning many surfaces, including crayons, scuffs and pencil marks on walls and countertops. You can find different versions for different cleaning purposes, but they shouldn't be used on skin or shiny surfaces. The kitchen version of Magic Eraser scrubbers is great for cleaning grease, baked-on stains and tough grime.

Microfiber cloths

Microfiber cloths are made of synthetic materials. The fibers on microfiber cloths can be thinner than regular cloths. These cloths can absorb oil and dirt, but they are soft enough not to scratch or damage surfaces. They won't shed, making them great for cleaning mirrors and glass. Because they are electrostatic, microfiber cloths can also be used for dusting.

Sea Sponges

Sea sponges are natural sponges that grow on ocean floors. They are 100% natural and can be used for many purposes including cleaning, cosmetics, bathing and cleaning. You can use them to wash dishes, bathe, and exfoliate. There are many types of sea sponges, some harder than others. Make sure you choose the one that is right for your cleaning needs!