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Why do AC units need to be replaced?

Sep 7

Although a central air conditioner system can be expensive, most systems won't last more than ten. It should be efficient and maintain optimal comfort throughout the home. The system should be capable of reducing humidity levels that can contribute to summer heat discomfort and lowering temperatures enough to allow people to sleep well and enjoy their activities while awake.

You may find that your air conditioner isn't working well enough to keep your home cool during the hot summer months, even with regular maintenance. These are signs that your central air conditioner system needs to be replaced with a new unit.

Central air conditioner lifespan

An air conditioner's average life expectancy is between 10 and 15 years. The average lifespan of central air conditioners is 10-15 years. This is something you should consider when looking to replace them. You may consider replacing your unit if it is over ten years old. Your utility bills account for 44%. Your air conditioner may not operate efficiently if you pay more than the average in your area.

R22, an older refrigerant used in air conditioners, is being phased out over time to comply with environmental protection regulations. It is costly to replace the refrigerant found in older units with one that meets these standards. R22 has been discontinued, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find. These regulations manufacture all new air conditioners. 

They are also designed to be more efficient. They are more environmentally friendly because they emit less carbon dioxide when they use the correct refrigerant. You will notice an improvement in the indoor air quality of your home by installing new air conditioning systems. Your home's resale value will increase if you have a newer air conditioner system.

Excessive noise and dust

The constant presence of dust in your home – even after cleaning, is a good indication that there are leaks in the ductwork. Those leaks will compromise your air conditioning system's efficiency, increasing the operating cost. If your air conditioner is excessively noisy, there is a good possibility that your duct system isn't large enough for the square footage of your home. You may also have a problem with the unit's indoor coil.

Air conditioning costs are on the rise

Your utility bills are rising, and you don't see any changes in how you use them; this is a sign that your system may not be as efficient as it should be. Another sign is the frequency you have to have your system repaired and how much you pay for air conditioner repairs.

Inconsistencies in humidity and cooling

The air conditioner in your home is supposed to remove humidity. Humidity can make the room more uncomfortable. The unit should work properly to maintain constant temperatures in the home. If the cooling part of your HVAC system can't do these things, it could be that your equipment is malfunctioning or your ductwork is faulty. Consider the cost of fixing these issues and decide if it is worth the expense.

These signs could indicate that your air conditioner needs to be replaced. It is natural to be worried about the cost of replacing your HVAC unit. This is a significant investment in your home and an expensive purchase. Do not panic if you have to spend a lot upfront. You may be able to eliminate the ongoing repair costs and reduce your utility bills enough that you can recoup some of your investment. Your home's resale value will increase if you have a more efficient, modern air conditioner.

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