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How Long Does AC Installation/Replacement Take?

Sep 14

AC installation in Prosper, TX

Skilled and experienced HVAC technicians can usually complete AC installation in Prosper, TX within hours or the day. However, it will still depend on several factors, such as the size of your unit, the type of AC unit you have, and the difficulty of the installation. If your project is more complex, it might take longer to finish.

Air Conditioning Type

There are two common AC types: ductless and ducted air conditioners. Ductless air conditioners are easier and faster to install since it does not require ductwork. Ducted air conditioners, on the other hand, need more time for installation as it involves connecting the unit to the ductwork. The ducted AC installation in Prosper, TX can be even more time-consuming if the ductwork is installed from scratch.


Another type of HVAC system that usually takes the longest time to install is the geothermal heat pump. This HVAC system can serve as your AC and heating system and works by using the earth's heat to provide warm or cool air. The installation process is more complex and time-consuming since it requires drilling underground.

Size of AC Unit

The unit's size will also affect the time frame of the AC installation in Prosper, TX. If you have smaller cooling equipment, it will take less time to install since fewer parts are involved. On the other hand, larger units will require more time for installation as more pieces need to be put together.

Nature of Installation

Do you need to replace your existing air conditioner or want to install a new AC unit? If you are only replacing your old unit, the process will be quicker since the technician won't have to start from scratch. If you are installing a brand-new AC unit, it will take more time as the technician needs to do everything from scratch.

The Installation's Location

The location of your AC unit will also affect the installation time. If you live in a building with a high roof or a condo, expect the AC installation Prosper, TX to take more time. This is because the technician will need to use a ladder or other equipment to reach the installation spot.

Additional Factors

Aside from the factors mentioned above, other things can affect the installation time of your AC unit. For example, the installation process might be delayed if you live in an area with bad weather. The same goes for holidays and weekends as most HVAC companies don't work these days.


Talk To Experts!

It's hard to estimate how long the installation might take without knowing your requirements and physically seeing the place and unit. If someone does give you a time estimate without visiting your site and getting information, get a second opinion to be sure. The best way to get an accurate installation time is by talking to reputable experts.


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