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What Is Routine Heating Maintenance?

Sep 29

So you have purchased and installed a heating system. This incredible piece of equipment will effectively keep your home warm throughout the winter. However, as time goes on, your heating system will inevitably experience some wear and tear. In order to keep it running properly, you will need to have it serviced. 


Heating Maintenance Bronx, NYHVAC companies offer different heating maintenance in Bronx, NY - some you can get when you only need it, and others you can sign up for to receive twice or one maintenance visit a year. Generally, experts recommend having your heating system serviced at least once a year. So signing up for a maintenance program makes the most sense.  


What’s HVAC Maintenance Program


An HVAC maintenance program is a service agreement between a homeowner and an HVAC contractor that provides regular, scheduled inspections and tune-ups for an HVAC system. 


The main purpose of an HVAC maintenance program is to keep an HVAC system running efficiently and properly and to prevent small problems from becoming larger, more expensive issues. 


Most HVAC maintenance programs typically include two visits per year: one in the spring and one in the fall. During a spring visit, an HVAC contractor will inspect and clean an air conditioning system in preparation for the cooling season. A fall visit typically focuses on an inspection and tune-up of a furnace or heat pump in preparation for the heating season.


Note, however, that the task included in a heating maintenance program in Bronx, NY varies from contractor to contractor.  Some may be comprehensive, while others may simply include basic maintenance. Check with your chosen contractor to be sure.

What's Included in Professional Heating Maintenance?


Heating maintenance is about keeping your system in good working condition and catching any potential problems before they cause damage or become too expensive to repair. Most professional heating maintenance services will include the following:


System inspection

The heating maintenance technicians in Bronx, NY will thoroughly inspect your system,  looking for any signs of wear and tear or potential problems. This inspection will help them determine what, if any, repairs or replacements need to be made.


Cleaning the system

Dirt and debris can build up in your system over time, causing it to work less efficiently and potentially damaging components.  The heating maintenance technicians may clean all the parts of your system, including the filters, to help keep it running smoothly.


Lubricating moving parts

A heating system has several moving parts that could suffer from wear and tear if not properly lubricated. During a heating maintenance visit, the technicians will add lubrication to any moving parts that need it to help keep them working correctly.


Calibrating the thermostat

Your thermostat is responsible for regulating the temperature in your home, so it must be properly calibrated. The heating maintenance technicians will check your thermostat to ensure it is working correctly.


Tightening electrical connections

Loose electrical connections could be a fire hazard and cause your system to work less efficiently. The heating maintenance technicians in Bronx, NY will check your system's electrical connections and tighten them as needed.


Comprehensive heating maintenance will usually include more than just what's on the list. The goal is to keep your system working correctly and efficiently for as long as possible. 


Schedule a Heating Maintenance With a Trusted HVAC Company


To get the most out of heating maintenance in Bronx, NY, choose a reputable and trusted HVAC company. Be sure to ask about their licensing, insurance, and experience level to be sure they are qualified to work on your system.


If you're looking for a trusted heating maintenance provider in Bronx, NY, consider Iceberg Mechanical. It's an HVAC contractor providing a wide range of services for over 30 years. Visit Iceberg Mechanical Corp to learn more about their heating maintenance services, or call 718-788-7978 to schedule a visit.