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Why You Need To Clean Your Dryer Vent In The First Place?

Oct 1

Dryers may not be able to dry clothes as efficiently as their label claims. If your clothes remain damp after drying, or the exterior of your dryer gets too hot while drying, you might need to engage an expert dryer vent cleaning service in Albuquerque.


It's not just necessary to keep your clothes clean. However, it is also essential to keep your mind healthy. The ducts could accumulate dust for months or even for years. Hot air gets a reaction with the lint and sparks, causing a hazard for fire. Dryer duct fires account for hundreds of injuries and deaths each year. If you notice burning smells this is another indication that it's time to get rid of the laundry area.


According to dryer vent cleaning Albuquerque dryer vents are only cleaned every year. While it can be overwhelming, There are many simple, affordable, cost-effective, and fast alternatives.


Image of laundry room with baskets for drying and racks on a blue background.

This section provides a comprehensive listing of all the


What's the first step?

It is necessary to clean the vent for the dryer.

Find out how to wash dryer vents with just six steps

The possibility of future build-up is averted


What's the first thing that I must do?

Before you wash, it is essential to find out if the dryer is powered by gas or electricity.


An electric dryer requires an outlet that is grounded and 240 volts. Based on the model, the outlet could be equipped with three or four prongs.


A dryer powered by gas, however, can be connected to a normal 110-volt outlet with three prongs and then plugged into the gas valve.


If you are cleaning the gas supply valves for dryers, make sure you don't cause damage to the gas line's flexible. If you're unsure what to do, seek advice from an expert.


It is necessary to clean the vent for the dryer.

You can buy the dryer vent cleaning system at the hardware store near you or on the internet for around $24.

Find out how cleaning of the dryer vent Albuquerque service is performed in just six simple steps


Step 1: Locate an opening.

The first step is to locate the dryer's vent. The diameter of the dryer exhaust pipes is four inches. They connect to ventilation systems in walls. The pipe is utilized to blast dry hot air through it and then out via an outside vent.


Examine your dryer's vents to determine if there's dust or lint. Remove any obstructions or screens.


Step 2: Carefully take off the dryer's power cord.

After you've figured out the purpose of the dryer's ducts, it's time to disconnect the dryer. Remove any clamps or tape that is connected to the exhaust pipe of your dryer. To stop the vent pipe from burst and bursting, use gentle pressure while removing it from the wall.


Step 3. Take the vacuum out of the bag and take out the lint.

After you've cleaned your laundry area and placed it in an opening or nook, you should be able to see the dryer vent. Use the vacuum cleaner's hose attachment to remove any accumulated dust around the vent.


It is possible to clean the outside pipe similarly using a handheld vacuum. It is also possible to clean the outside of your building by yourself.


Step 4: Use a toothbrush to connect to the service.

You only require a drill attachment and dryer brushes to clean dryer ducts. It is possible to be cautious with the hose attachment based on the direction your dryer duct runs. The brush should be pushed to the back of your dryer as far as you can.


If your brush isn't capable of passing through the entire duct, or if your brush is too small, it may be necessary to place the brush's head into the outside.


Step 5: Clean up and reconnect

You may have discovered an abundance of dust. Make use of a vacuum cleaner, broom , and dustpan to eliminate your fluffy companions.


Connect the dryer to the outlet, then connect the ductwork to the wall.


Another possibility is that your dryer might feature a soft foil-style wall duct vent. An elbow made of aluminum that is 90 degrees will provide adequate venting and fire protection.


It's done! It's completed! When the dryer is turned on it will emit exhaust coming from the vent. Dryers are no longer required to dry wet clothes or for endless cycles. You are the only one who could have made it happen.


The possibility of future build-up is averted

To ensure that lint particles do not hinder the flow of drying remove the trap for lint. It is suggested that you clean the lint screen every week at least depending on how often you wash your clothes. In the final phase clean and dust the space around your dryer.

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