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Common Heating Maintenance Tasks Your Unit Needs

Oct 22

As temperatures start to dip, now is the time to ensure your heating system is up and running properly. Regular heating maintenance Tehachapi, CA will help prolong your system's life and keep it working efficiently all winter long. Want to ensure your unit is ready for the colder months but doesn't know how to start?

You can do a few easy maintenance tasks yourself to keep your system in tip-top shape throughout the season. Here are a few of them:

Replace your furnace filter

This is one of the most important heating maintenance Tehachapi, CA you can do to improve its efficiency. A dirty filter will not only make your unit work harder, but it can also reduce indoor air quality. Check your filter monthly and replace it as needed; most filters should be replaced every three months.

Clean your registers and vents

Dust and dirt can build up on these surfaces, making it difficult for heat to circulate properly. Simply remove the registers and vacuum them with the attachments on your vacuum cleaner. Then, use a brush or rag to wipe down the vents. You should clean your registers and vents at least once a month.

Check for leaks around doors and windows

Another common cause of poor heating efficiency is air leaks around doors and windows. Check for leaks as part of heating maintenance Tehachapi, CA. Simply hold a burning candle or stick of incense near doors and windows; if the flame flickers or the smoke is blown away from the surface, you have a leak that needs to be sealed. You can seal smaller gaps with weatherstripping or caulk; larger gaps may require additional measures like installing new windows or doors.

Have your furnace serviced by a professional

Finally, it's always a good idea to have a professional inspect and service your furnace every year—preferably before you turn it on for the first time in the season. A professional technician for heating maintenance Tehachapi, CA will be able to identify any potential problems with your furnace and make any necessary repairs or adjustments; this will help extend the lifespan of your unit and prevent costly breakdowns in the future.

By taking some time now to do some simple maintenance tasks, you can help ensure that your heating system runs smoothly all winter long. Plus, by catching small problems early, you can save money on expensive repairs down the road! So don't wait—get started on these four maintenance tasks today.

Maintenance Tasks You Should Leave to the Pros

While there are some heating maintenance Tehachapi, CA that you can easily do yourself, others should be left to the professionals. Here are a few of them:

Cleaning the furnace itself

The furnace is a complex machinery, and cleaning it properly requires special knowledge and training. If you're not confident in your ability to clean it safely, leave this task to a professional.

Adjusting the furnace's burners

The burners in your furnace must be adjusted periodically to ensure they're burning fuel properly. This is a delicate process that a qualified technician should only do.

Inspecting the furnace's flue

The flue is the pipe that carries combustion gases out of your home; it should be inspected regularly to ensure there are no blockages or leaks. A professional for heating maintenance Tehachapi, CA will have the training and equipment to inspect the flue and identify potential problems properly.

Replacing furnace parts

If any parts of your furnace need to be replaced, it's best to leave this task to a qualified technician. Replacing furnace parts is a complex process that requires special knowledge and skills.

So there you have it—four heating maintenance Tehachapi, CA that should be left to the pros. By entrusting these tasks to qualified technicians, you can help ensure your furnace runs safely and efficiently all winter long.

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