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Why Restaurants Need AC Companies in the UK

Nov 16

There are many benefits of air conditioning, but one of the biggest is that it will save you money. While you may be tempted to purchase ice cream, it's much less expensive to invest in air conditioning. Plus, it will keep customers happier for longer. In fact, it's the best option for any restaurant.

Air conditioning in new developments

Air conditioning is essential for restaurants and new developments in Birmingham. The city is experiencing a huge growth and modernisation process, and air conditioning is an essential part of this process. New developments, including hotels and restaurants, will require air conditioning for their customers to be comfortable. The city's new buildings will have a high-end clientele, so air conditioning is essential for these establishments.

The new city hospital and arena central will require high-tech air conditioning systems. Other new developments that will need air conditioning include The Cube tower and Snow Hill. A new hospital will replace the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Selly Oak Hospital. These buildings will house a variety of vulnerable patients, so air conditioning is crucial.

Demand for air conditioning systems

There is an increasing demand for air conditioning systems in restaurants throughout the Birmingham area. The cost of running a restaurant can be extremely high, and it is not uncommon for energy costs to skyrocket. In fact, restaurants that are equipped with the latest air conditioning systems will save up to 50 percent on their utility bills.

According to EIU, demand for air conditioning systems in Birmingham restaurants will be higher in the coming years. The growth of these systems is likely to be fueled by rising temperatures and an increase in the number of home offices. However, these systems are incredibly energy-intensive and may be working against Britain's ambition to reach net-zero greenhouse gas production by 2050.

For restaurants that deal with varying temperatures, VRF is a good option. This cooling and heating system can provide simultaneous cooling and heating. However, not all ventilation needs will want to introduce cold air indoors. In such cases, Hitachi Active KPI air conditioning systems will pre-treat the air outside before delivering it inside, thereby regulating the temperature inside.

Rise in demand for cooling systems

The demand for cooling systems is set to rise dramatically in the next decade. According to a study conducted by the University of Birmingham, 14 billion cooling appliances will be sold worldwide in 2050, almost four times the amount of cooling devices that were sold in 2018. It is estimated that the industry will require 19,000TWh of energy annually, five times more than it does today. Moreover, the growth of the cooling industry will spur economic growth and create jobs.

To counter this, businesses should try to reduce their cooling needs and invest in energy efficient equipment. This can be achieved by making better use of natural ventilation and shading techniques. Another option is to use district cooling systems. However, businesses must be cautious about the amount of money they are spending on cooling equipment and should make sure to use it wisely.

The study also found that restaurants had double the usual electricity consumption in pubs and restaurants. According to the Carbon Trust and the CIBSE, restaurants' energy consumption is twice as much as public houses.

Modernisation of air conditioning systems

A new state-of-the-art comfort cooling system from Coolair Equipment has helped the Tattu Restaurant in Birmingham open in February. Inspired by ancient Yin-Yang principles, the restaurant features real blossom trees as part of its decor. It also uses a Mitsubishi air conditioning system to reduce energy costs and cut carbon emissions.