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The ultimate duct cleaning guide

Jan 8

Duct cleaning is the procedure of cleaning the ducts in your furnace. Do it yourself is not an alternative. These areas are hard to access and require the help of professional cleaning ducts, such as those offered by Duct Cleaning Colorado Springs Heating & Air. Duct Cleaning Colorado Springs will teach you how to wash the air ducts.


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If you've been having the air ducts cleaned before and were not satisfied with the outcome or the length of time, you're not the only one. To resolve these issues, the National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA) has developed an approach for clean air ducts. This method of cleaning ducts using air is the best and most efficient method to clean your air ducts.


Step 1: Look over the Ductwork


The technician will examine the ducts leading to the supply and return registers. This is an excellent initial step for homeowners looking to observe the results before and after. The expert may use cameras to inspect your ductwork prior to beginning.


The professional will repair any problems they discover within the ducts. The expert will repair any damage, kinks, or leaks that they discover within your ducts. Aeroseal is a great product to protect your ducts from any future leaks.


Step 2: Create a negative pressure

The technician will bring an enormous vacuum system to your furnace. The HEPA vacuum system, which is highly efficient and features a powerful suction, produces negative pressure inside the furnace's vents. The technician connects the vacuum gather device's pipe to the vent. The technician will require an opening to get into the pipe.


Shut off all supply registers in order to increase the negative pressure. Once the vacuum has been switched on the ducts will be cleaned separately.


Step 3. Let the dust fall


When they clean the ducts venting by vent the specialist will employ vital suction equipment. To remove dust that has settled the instruments are rotating brushes and air whipping machines that are pressurized.


The technician will clean the supply and return vents. This will let you clean the dust better.


Step 4: Clean Up the System's Rest


Once the ducts and vents are cleaned after which the remaining HVAC components are able to be evaluated. Included in the assessment are the furnace air blower motor, the furnace, and the evaporator coil. Technicians should clean their work area and make sure that the rooms aren't less dusty than at the time they arrived. To demonstrate the difference, they'll show you around the job.

It is suggested that you clean your air ducts at least every three to five years. But, it could be more frequent when there are extreme allergies, mildew, or mold growing in your home, or if your house was recently revamped. It is possible to breathe more easily by completing the air duct cleaning procedure. It eliminates allergens, dust, and dust. The furnace too will benefit. Clean ductwork can make the furnace last longer and operate more effectively.


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