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6 Tips to Beat Summer Allergies in Your Home

Jul 1

ac repair Allergies are the leading cause of chronic illnesses in the U.S., affecting more than 50 million people each year. Do you know what the scary truth is behind allergies? They become more rampant during the summer season—and are often associated with air conditioning systems.

If your air conditioner doesn’t receive professional A/C repair Santa Clarita, CA or is not maintained correctly, it can blow filthy air indoors, which causes allergies and other health-related issues.

Avoid the allergy triggers by following these solutions for your home this summer:

Schedule a Duct Inspection and Cleaning

Your air duct can also collect dust, pollen, mites, and other pollutants that trigger allergies. They can be blown and circulated indoors through your air conditioner. Keep your ductwork system spotless by scheduling a duct inspection and cleaning with your trusted contractor. The service can also address the cracks that cause the conditioned air to leak out and increase your energy consumption.

Schedule a Professional A/C Check

Modern air conditioners are not only designed to keep your home cool but also ensure your indoor air quality stays in good condition.

However, dirt and allergens can be blown into your home through your air conditioner if your equipment is not serviced regularly. It can accumulate pollutants and contaminants. They can come with the air delivered indoors, stay lodged into your home fixtures, and affect those with health conditions. Look for A/C repair Santa Clarita, CA to get your system serviced and address any pollutants that potentially cause health hazards.

Install a HEPA Filter

All HVAC systems have air filters that help prevent the allergy-causing bacteria from entering your breathing space. These standard air filters do a big help, but if you are looking for the best upgrade, then consider investing in HEPA filters. These filters trap even the tiniest airborne pollutants, including spores, pollen, smoke, dust, and more, keeping your indoor space breathable.

Contact your local air conditioning company to know if a HEPA filter is an excellent fit for your existing equipment. Ask about it when they conduct A/C repair Santa Clarita, CA.

Install IAQ Solutions

Although a runny nose and red, teary eyes are not enough to ruin the summer fun, allergies this season can gift you with something more than you have bargained for. Stay prepared by installing indoor air quality products in your home. Air cleaners, air purifiers, ventilators, and other IAQ solutions do wonders in keeping your home clean, fresh, and allergy-free.

Replace Your Filters Regularly

Whether you are using a standard air filter or HEPA filter in your air conditioning system, a regular replacement should be done to keep all airborne contaminants at bay and make your home more breathable. As your filters trap dust and debris, they become clogged over time, which might reduce their ability to do their job. Clogged filters even restrict proper airflow and increase the risk of AC breakdown. Be sure to replace your filter at least once a month for healthier IAQ and to avoid costly A/C repair Santa Clarita, CA later on.

Schedule Your IAQ Testing

Different airborne contaminants can trigger allergies, so it’s essential to know what you are dealing with to take the necessary steps to address them. Conducting an IAQ test can help you determine the quality of your indoor air and the specific pollutants present in your home. The test results will guide you in choosing the right IAQ products for your needs.

Call the Pros for Assistance!

Having trouble getting the right level of comfort this summer? Then ask for professional help. All Heart Heating & Cooling specializes in indoor air quality solutions and A/C repair Santa Clarita, CA. The company has licensed and certified HVAC pros more than willing to solve your comfort issues. Call them at 661-310-3747 now.