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My Air Conditioner System Froze! What is going on?

Jul 29

Air conditioners are built to cool, but they're not meant to be able to freeze themselves. It is a fact that this happens in some cases, causing difficulties and headaches. A cooling system that is frozen can't perform as it should. It is necessary to turn it off to allow the frozen ice to melt and bring things functioning normally. If it is not shut off, the system could be damaged and due for a cost-effective fix. Air conditioning repair Santa Clara may be needed to fix the issue. Before that here are the reasons freezing can happen in the following situations:

Incorrect Installation

A professional should install a window-type air conditioner to ensure that the job is completed to the most minute detail. Sometimes, the small factors matter, like the angle on which the air conditioner is placed. Contrary to what many believe, the AC should not be completely in line with the floor. It should be slightly tilted towards the back so that any liquid or debris that gets inside can roll out towards the outside. This is essential for the drainage system that collects condensed water from evaporation coils. The water must run down to the pan before flowing to the pipes. in the absence of proper tilting, it could become trapped inside the pipes which it could freeze. Contact us for help with air conditioning installation Santa Clara

Drainage Clogs

Apart from ensuring that the unit is properly set up, homeowners must ensure that their drainage method operating properly. Check it every once a week or so to ensure that they are on the right side. Drops of water should be flowing out of drainage pipes. The flow will be most intense when the temperatures are humid and hot. The air's humidity is decreased through the AC through the cooling energy from the coils that evaporate. The air around it is so cold that water vapor changes into liquid. It is imperative to get rid of it promptly or else it will become frozen in the event of an obstruction.

Slow Fans

The built-in fan will blow the cold air around those coils towards the area. If the fans are running more slowly than they should the coils will continue to drop temperatures until they reach a point where they will freeze. The speed of the fan can be increased to help alleviate the problem.

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