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Easy AC Maintenance Tasks You Can Do Yourself

Aug 3

AC maintenance in Syosset, NYSome homeowners don't pay attention to their air conditioners until the equipment stop working and their room starts to heat up. They often get stuck in a situation where they need to call an AC repair technician and end up paying a lot of money for a simple fix.


To avoid this, it's important to do some basic maintenance on your air conditioner regularly. Here are a few maintenance tasks that do not require special tools and knowledge, which means you can handle them yourself. They aren't rocket science; you can perform them when it’s not time for your routine annual AC maintenance in Syosset, NY yet.


Cleaning or replacing the air filter

It's important to keep the air filter free of dust, debris, and other particles because it can restrict airflow and make your AC unit work harder than necessary. A clogged air filter also allows dust and dirt to enter your AC unit, damaging it over time. You should check the air filter monthly and clean or replace it as needed.


Keeping the external unit clean

Your AC's external unit is exposed to the elements; therefore, it can get dirty quickly.  A build-up of dirt and debris can cause the unit to overheat and break down. The external system, also called the condenser, plays a  vital role in the AC's cooling process. Any problem with the condenser will prevent your AC from functioning properly.


So make sure to get rid of any dirt, dust, leaves, twigs, and other debris that might have accumulated on or around the unit. You can use a brush, vacuum, or hose to clean the equipment; just make sure you're careful not to damage its fins. This simple AC maintenance task in Syosset, NY can go a long way in terms of keeping your unit efficient.


Trim foliages around your condenser

Trees, bushes, and other plants often grow around the AC unit, which can block airflow and prevent the system from working properly. Inspect the area around the unit and trim any foliages too close to it.


It's also a good idea to remove any weeds, grass, or other vegetation that might have taken root in the area. Allowing these things to grow around your condenser can cause serious problems for your air conditioner.


Straighten the fins

Check the fins of your AC's external unit and make sure they're not bent. If the fins are bent, the condenser will have difficulty releasing the heat outdoors. It should be fixed right away to prevent system overheating and many other possible issues.


You can use a fin comb to fix bent fins. It's a tool specially designed for this purpose and can be found in any hardware store. If you’re not confident, you can always call an expert in AC maintenance in Syosset, NY.


Clean the condensate drain line

If your air conditioner has a clogged condensate drain line, water will start building up in the unit, leading to all sorts of problems. To prevent this from happening, you should clean the drain line regularly.


Don't Forget To Schedule A Professional AC Tune-up!


These are easy AC maintenance tasks you can do yourself to keep your unit in good shape and make it last longer. However, it's also important to schedule a professional AC maintenance in Syosset, NY at least once a year.


During a tune-up, an AC technician will inspect and clean your unit's parts, including the coils, condenser, evaporator, and blower. They will also test the AC's cooling capacity and make sure the refrigerant levels are correct. Generally, a professional tune-up will keep your AC running smoothly and help prevent problems over the long haul. 


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