Discovering Annual Events in Newark, NJ

From May to December, there are several different annual events in Newark NJ that everyone should check out. There are parades and festivities throughout the town on this beautiful time of year. Some of these are free, while others are a lot more costly. Regardless, each event has something for everyone and is sure to entertain.


One of the most popular events is the Newark Jazz Festival. This is a two day event in the beginning of May where jazz singers and bands perform. It includes a parade and tons of other activities. This is a great way to experience a little bit of the history of Newark while getting in a few hot spots. If you are looking for a fun family day or an educational one, this will be the right choice for you.


Another popular time for events in Newark is at the Newark Children’s Theater. This venue attracts thousands of visitors every year and serves as a venue for plays, musicals, movies, and other types of performances. Many shows are directed by acclaimed actors and actresses. This is one of the most popular venues in the city.


At the end of May, the Newark Symphony puts on a free performance of classical music. The concerts are available to anyone who cares to attend. There are so many different types of music to choose from, no matter what your interests are. You can enjoy classical music, contemporary rock, pop, jazz, new age, or any type of music you would like. There are also many different musical teams to enjoy these performances by as well.


Throughout the year, you will find many other fun annual events. One of them is the annual Jersey Shore Fest. This huge celebration takes place in June and has been praised by New Jerseyans. There are tons of celebrities at this premier Jersey Shore Party including Chris Rock, J.J. Simpson, A-list musicians, politicians, and more.


As for history, you can catch the annual Purple Heart Society tour at the Navy Yard in Jersey City. This tour travels through many sites, including the graves of those who served our country in uniform. You will also get to meet with veterans and take part in a wide range of historical presentations. The tour also visits historically important sites such as the U.S. Coast Guard Museum, historic sites, and even visits the tomb of fallen Army Chief of Staff General George S. Patton. The Purple Heart Society also sponsors many local and national events that raise money and awareness for their programs and services.


When it comes to education and events, there are many in the town of West Orange. You will find the South Orange County School District conducting many events that educate students about many different topics. One of the events they host is a film festival. This is one of the best kinds of events to take part in, as you will have the opportunity to view cutting-edge films with a wide array of technical expertise behind them. Other school districts in the area offer programs that include chess, science programs, foreign language programs, and physical education.


There are many more events in the town of West Orange that will delight anyone interested in entertainment and food. If you love fine dining, then you will love attending the annual Orange Blossom Fest. Aside from food, this festival also features musical performances by top local and regional talent. This is one event that you do not want to miss out on, so make sure you plan accordingly.

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