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Longmont Deck and Fencing Company

Longmont is a fence and deck installation business that has been offering high-quality services to commercial and residential clients for over twenty years. We have a wealth of experience in design, building and installation of your fence or deck to make your outdoor space something you’ll are sure to love.

We can construct any kind of fence you need, including an attractive picket fence to improve the aesthetics of your home or a chain link fence for privacy or pet enclosure. Our skilled fencing and deck contractors can also fashion an attractive deck for your home that elevates the outdoor area and makes it a focal point in your front or backyard.

What we do

Our company is specialized in fence and deck designing and construction for commercial and residential areas around Longmont. Our skilled professionals can help you design and build a fence for your yard or farm. Our clients have a wide choice of options to choose from a variety of styles. Experts will also help you choose the right materials to build your dream home. Whatever size or complicated your home is, we are able to handle any fence design or deck installation.


Due to their rustic appearance and affordability, wooden decks have become a very popular choice for houses. Deck construction companies located in Longmont are skilled at designing and installing wooden decks. We only use the highest quality wood to build the ideal deck for your house. We offer regular maintenance services to make sure your deck stays in good condition.

Wood fencing

We have a variety of wood fencing options, including cedar, cypress, and pine depending on your aesthetic idea. Our skilled deck builders will assist you through the process of selecting the best material for your project. It will guarantee that it lasts and is easy to maintain as time passes. We can install a beautiful fence made of wood in your backyard, garden or home, as well as any other area.

Picket fencing

Picket fencing, which enhances your property’s sophisticated appearance, is one of the most sought-after and sought-after fencing alternatives. Picket fencing can be made in any shape or size by our experts. We can design an appropriate picket fence for your needs, whether it’s a classic white wooden picket fence or something a bit more modern.

Chain-link fencing

If you have an animal shelter, or residential property with a huge swimming pool that requires additional security and privacy, a chain-link fence is a great alternative. We collaborate with home and business owners to provide the security, privacy, and a pet enclosure. Chain-link fences are not only secure, but they are also affordable, low maintenance, and don’t require painting or protecting against weather.

Longmont residents can trust affordable deck- and fencing contractors

We provide top notch fence installation, deck designing, and maintenance, at the most affordable prices within Longmont. No additional charges for consultations or detailed estimates of costs from our professionals. We’re also transparent about cost and will provide you with an estimate before you start. This lets you rest assured and doesn’t give you any unexpected costs.

Your satisfaction is our highest priority, therefore we will not rest until the deck and fence is built and complements the style of your beloved property.

Why should you choose us to build your fence and deck?

Since the past twenty years, we’ve provided unmatched deck and fence installation services across Longmont, both for commercial and residential clients. Our contractors only use top-of-the-line equipment, and also protective equipment to ensure their safety as well as the security of our precious clients.

New clients receive 10% off on deck and fence projects. If you’re not satisfied with the result, our team can visit your deck or fence and make any necessary adjustments until you are satisfied. Our designers will work with you together to ensure that the result is in line with your expectations.

Enjoy a service that will exceed your expectations with a hassle-free installation of your new fence or deck!

Request a Free Quote

If you’re interested in the cost, design, layout, or any other aspect of a new deck or fence, you can request a free quote by calling us now. The contractors will evaluate your property and give you detailed feedback about the best method of building a deck or fence.

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