The Basics of Tree Trimming

What exactly is tree trimming? Essentially, the act of tree trimming is geared mainly on aesthetics. Why is this necessary if there is no specific reason to “trim” the tree? Trees can become unmanageable, with many branches developing in different directions, resulting in an otherwise unattractive appearance.


This problem has led many people to search for ways to carry out tree trimming services. There are many individuals who prune their own trees, while some opt to hire a professional tree pruner. While some of these methods work well, others may prove to be too intrusive, especially when it comes to areas where branches actually cross roads. Additionally, some pruning methods may prove to be risky.


For these reasons, many people have sought out tree trimming techniques that involve removing unwanted branches from high up. In many cases, this involves the utilization of tree tops. Tree tops can be placed at various heights and should provide support for large branches. This method works well for larger branches that tend to break off or grow into smaller branches.


However, tree trimmers themselves do not have to be branches themselves. In fact, some specialize in cutting down trees that simply need to be removed. For example, this may include trees that grow too high for certain streets or residences. In this instance, a tree trimming professional can help homeowners with this particular task. Here, a homeowner would simply contact the tree care professionals to come and remove the branches themselves.


When tree trimmers are used, there are two basic types: those who perform “DIY tree trimming” and those who contract out the work. Of course, there is a big difference between these two approaches. In DIY tree trimming cases, a person generally brings along a small hand-held garden tool like a chain saw. The tools are usually sufficient for smaller branches and twigs, but larger branches require a tree trimmer that has adequate strength to handle the job. It is also wise to check the size of the trimmer before attempting to use it on a larger branch as this could lead to an injury.


When tree pruning on your own, you must be careful to use the proper safety measures. For example, it is imperative to wear safety glasses, protective clothing and earplugs whenever tree trimming goes beyond the home. Additionally, the blades of the tree pruner must always be kept clean and covered during use. Some individuals like to bring along an old garden rake or brooms to ensure that they are not cleaning anything that could prove to be harmful. If it is safe and within the range of your hand, there are a number of different ways to prune a tree.


Some people like to use chainsaws while others prefer to pull chain saws with their bare hands. Whichever method you choose, it is important to keep yourself, your hands and the limbs safe. Before you start tree trimming, it is important to identify weak branches and remove them. You can then bend the branch back toward itself and push it in the direction of the weak points. By doing this, you will make it stronger. After pruning, it is wise to tie up loose branches to prevent them from becoming a danger.


The most common mistake made by people when it comes to tree trimming or tree removal is using the wrong methods. Whether you hire a professional tree trimmer or do it yourself, it is important to follow all safety precautions. With that said, hiring a professional tree removal company can save you time and money, allowing you to enjoy the beauty that surrounds you instead of being worried about the health of your trees.



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