Top 3 Television Series Worthy To Watch On Amazon Prime This Fall

Are you also bored sitting home and are not willing to surf on the tv channels to dig out something of your interest then stalk on the article as it contains the key of all your locked excitements.:

Many of you may think that Amazon is only about selling and purchasing – but it’s not. With services like Amazon Prime TV, it is now ruling the digital world. Moreover, it has also given an opportunity to start an online business and generate a continuous stream of revenue. Even if you are a beginner, then through the right Amazon account management services, you can achieve your goals.

Are you an amazon subscriber and didn’t avail the benefit of its Prime tv services? Apparently, you were not aware of it right. So, let us introduce you to the latest innovation of Amazon management service – the Amazon Prime TV series which bought you a chance to watch a vast range of series online on the device of your choice without any restrictions. 

Moreover, if you install online subscriptions, you will not only have the satisfaction of watching your favorite show. However, moving a step further it will also facilitate you with a cashback of 5% on every order placed, overnight delivery for free, and Alexa deals.

You can make all these a part of your lifestyle by  Amazon Prime Video that asks only a subscription of $13 per month or you can even install an annual subscription by just spending $120. However, if you are not fond of availing Amazon customer care services then a direct Subscription to Amazon Prime costing $9 will be the best choice for you.

Now let us take a short go-through tour of what Amazon Prime brought you to add some colors to this year’s fall.


As it is a truth that tails aid a lot in growing us up. We used to cry, smile, laugh, and be afraid of the character of the story. Sometimes, they are our supermodels while occasionally the reason for obeying our parents. Although whatever it is and however it is, certainly they played an important role in growing us up. And as being from that era you must be familiar with the magical romantic story of cinderella which with times has faced many remakes to make us revise our childhood.

Now, if you are again missing those old days then Amazon prime brought you the exclusive version of cinderella to revive that classic romance with a little modern touch

Although the plot is almost the same: Cinderella having two cruel sisters, a stepmother who always exacerbates her, and meeting up with the prince at the ball, employing a little sparkle of magic.

The star cast playing roles in this charismatic play is Nicholas Galitzine, Idina Menzel Minnie, DriverPierce, Brosnan Billy, Porter Maddie, Baillio, and Charlotte Spencer

Surprisingly, the writer has topped the script with a little modern touch where Cinderella being a feminist, instead of dreaming of a happy life with her charming prince, is passionate to pursue her designing career. 

Even though there were new songs added to bring out life to the story, the older ones are also kept in place for the remembrance of childhood. However, the remake is a romantic musical movie, except for a few songs almost all the others are famous cover-ups.

The film premiered on 3rd September. If you are willing to watch Amazon prime’s attempt to recreate your childhood memories then I will recommend going over it and uncover the rest of the hidden plot twists on your own.

The Voyeur

Sometimes the activities happening in our neighborhood really fascinates us and later keeping a feast eye upon them becomes our hobby. This idea became the storyline of Amazon’s latest series “The Voyeur”. The usual plot assisted the writer of the Voyeurs to kick off the captivating story of a couple who had recently moved to their dream apartment. 

Pippa and Thomas on reaching the new street crossed paths with some engrossing neighbors and surprisingly they were able to scrutinize every personal activity of the couple. Their habit of watching the couple now becomes their obsession. This scenario was bringing some awkwardness to screens

However, on watching further the real twist was disclosed, when the viewers comprehended that one of the neighbors was cheating the other. 

The story is full of romance, thrill, sex, and mystery. It premiered on the Amazon Prime screens on 10 September. Since, if you are willing to watch something apart from the usual romantic comedy, then you can give it a shout-out. But, keep in mind that the vulgarity displayed in the sexual scenes is not suitable for under 13s

The LuLaRich

If you are not an action thriller type, then this business documentary will definitely soothe your soul craving for something funny yet closely reality-based. Amazon is known for its revolutionary ideas which bring a swap to your taste. The writer on trying to illustrate the difficulties which a businessman might have faced in his career has concluded in the formation of this masterpiece.

LuLaRich is an American documentary, directed and produced by Jenner Furst and Julia Willoughby Naso. However, the crew involved in bringing the script to life includes Jenner Furst, Julia Willoughby Nason, Mike Gasparro, Blye Pagon Faust, Cori Shepherd Stern.

The storyline started from LuLaRoe, a multi-level fashion brand whose work is known throughout the world. Now the company is testing out some influential marketing strategies such as offering house working women an opportunity to sell their stock online to LuLaRoe at a standard rate. At first, the company earned prestige and made a revenue of $2 billion from thousands of its retailers. However, later the service was proved to be a pyramid scheme as the company buys the stock wholesale and tends to showcase it at an outlook price keeping the profit into the pockets of officials.

The retailers and suppliers on becoming aware of their cunning scheme filed a lawsuit. Now, will the company be able to maintain its good name? Or will there be a downfall to its multi-billion business? To find out the missing parts of all these queries watch out for the Lularich four-part docu-series on amazon prime released on 10th September.

Amazon Prime Upcoming T.v Series

Now if you are looking to make a check-list for the following month to best invest your weekends in the pandemic

All Or Nothing: Toronto Maple Leafs – October 1

My Name Is Pauli Murray – October 1

Welcome To The Blumhouse – October 1

Justin Bieber: Our World – October 8

I Know What You Did Last Summer – October 15

The Wheel Of Time – November 19

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